The Lion Insignia

[ Huì = Wisdom] - [ Dé = Moral] - [ Lián = Integrity]

The name ChinMi originates from Japan, from a highly skilled and noble young Martial Artist who trains and learns from different masters from different Dojo to master his arts. He is known for his Pure Heartedness, Desire to help others Sincerely and Uncorrupted by power.

The story begins in Jakarta – Indonesia, where 3 men met one another in a commercial gym, all 3 with the desire to improve aesthetically with a respectable level of strength. Today ChinMi is a fitness community which consists all forms of individuals; from: Powerlifters, Bodybuilding, Zumba, Calisthenics, you name it. Our goal is to help others to progress in their fitness endeavour and to provide positive reinforcement wherever we go. This world is not just about you, its about everyone.

We are more than just fitness; we are a family who drive each other for constant progression inside and outside the gym. We pride ourselves in our diversity and our strength in numbers; of Iron Brethrens chasing their dream together. One Mind, one Heart and one Vision.


Founding Members

Portfolio & Achievements

With a Combined Experience of Over 10 Years in:

The goal of recomp is to reduce as much fat and put on as much muscle mass as possible within a given time frame. The leaner you are the better your overall performance will be.

We provide Nutritional guideline, meal by meal recommendation and calorie tracking for our clients. Training is important but the core to every progress is a superior diet coupled with optimum rest period.

We emphasise on building raw strength and overall functionality coupled with an intensive technique improvement on any lifts to produce a satisfying result.

Who will refuse a good looking physique on top of a good functionality? We help you work on your lagging muscles and we aim to build a balanced physique overall.

We want you to look good, feel good and perform good too! The goal is to deliver the best package while at the same reaching what you want!

We are more than certain that we can bring the best out of anyone who is willing to change themselves into the best form they can ever be! Rest be assured you will achieve your goals under our supervision and guidance.

Notable Achievements:

  • Pioneer Fitness & Life Development Community in Indonesia

  • Self-Taught Methodology & Training Principles tested by time

  • Our Athlete’s Hall of Fame: Number 1 u74kg as a Junior and Open Division, 7 National Records, Best Overall Men’s Powerlifting in Australia, Lightest male to achieve 500 Wilks-Coefficient. Competes under APU (Australian Powerlifting Union) an IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) Worldwide recognized Drug-Tested Federation

  • We are proudly sponsored by: Titan Australia, Virus International and VPA Australia


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